We provide end-to-end recruitment services, from job analysis and posting to screening, interviewing, and hiring. Our team of recruitment experts works closely with your organization to understand your staffing needs and identify the best-fit candidates.


Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing is the process of identifying and attracting potential candidates for job vacancies within an organization. It involves searching for candidates through various channels such as job portals, social media, referrals, and other sources. The goal of talent sourcing is to build a pipeline of qualified candidates who may be a good fit for future job openings.


Executive Search

Our executive search services are designed to help you find and attract top-level executives to lead your organization. We leverage our industry expertise and network to identify and approach high-caliber candidates.


Talent Management

Our talent management services help organizations to retain and develop their existing workforce. We provide training and development programs, performance management systems, and career planning services to help your employees reach their full potential.


Immigration Services

We provide immigration services for your organization, including visa processing, documentation, and legal compliance.


Our commitment

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives our services, and we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Let us help you find the right talent to drive your organization's success.

Recruitment Process

On receipt of confirmed job orders and exact job descriptions of required categories, we source the candidates through our active

databank, advertisements and head hunting our speacialized recruitment managers test the responding candidates for their skills matching the job description & trade test if required.

The short-listed candidate complete CVs with recruitment mangers remarks are sent to the clients for their approval or the clients are invited to India to personally evaluate the candidates and it is an added advantage to understand our mode of operation

We also mobilized short-listed candidates under our fall guarantee, if agreed by the client candidates approved by the clients are checked for medical fitness and the client is informed to process the visas

Having an in-house major international travel service agency. We confirm the tickets of the selected candidates and mobilize them at the earliest to their destinanon, under printimation to the clients


Industries We Serve

Monitoring Operations Technician

Monitoring Operations Technician is responsible for monitoring and maintaining computer systems, network infrastructure, and software applications in an organization.

Field Service Operator

Field Service Operator is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment in the field. This equipment can include machinery, electronics, and other technical equipment used in various industries such as oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing.

Field Materials Specialist

Field Materials Specialist is responsible for ensuring that all materials and equipment are properly stored and secured, and that they are delivered to the appropriate job site on time.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative and clerical support to executives in an organization. They play a critical role in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the executive office run smoothly.

Field Engineer

Field Engineer is a technical professional who is responsible for working on-site at various locations, often in remote or challenging environments, to install, operate, maintain, and repair equipment and machinery.

Field Materials Specialist

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