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RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY is a leading overseas manpower recruiting agency registered with the government of India. With our Head office in Punjab (India).

Supported with very experienced and professional staff ensures that Clients are provided with candidates as per their requirements and deadlines are met with clinical precision.

We at RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY understand the need to deliver quality personnel to our overseas clients as per their needs and that too within a short period of time ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of the workforce. Hence, our forte is to provide the right candidate at the right time

RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY also believes that benefits of the success and growth of its clients will surely filter down and contribute to the success of Rana Manpower consultancy and hence recognizes the importance of being a professional and efficient partner to its clients.

Finally, we at RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY thank you for providing us with an opportunity to meet you and hope we have a long, healthy and successful partnership

Our Mission

At our organization, our mission is to become the most trusted and preferred recruitment partner for both our clients and candidates. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service, top-quality staffing, and competitive pricing to achieve this mission.

We understand that the success of our mission relies on close collaboration with our clients. As such, we prioritize working in close consultation with them to ensure that their staffing needs are met to their complete satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly improve our recruitment services, and we will continue to do so to meet the needs of our clients and candidates

Our Vision

At our recruitment agency, our vision is to establish ourselves as the top choice for employers seeking staffing solutions. We aspire to achieve this by providing unparalleled levels of service, exceeding our clients' expectations in every way possible.

We also strive to become the go-to platform for job seekers, helping them discover and pursue fulfilling career opportunities with their ideal organizations. By leveraging our expertise, extensive network, and cutting-edge recruitment tools, we aim to help candidates achieve their career goals and build successful, long-term careers.

Through our unwavering commitment to our vision, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results and earn the trust and loyalty of both our clients and candidates.

Our Values

At our organization, we hold a set of core values that guide our actions and interactions. These values include:
  • Respect: We respect the inherent value of every person and the natural world, treating everyone and everything with dignity and care.
  • Openness: We foster an environment of openness, where diverse perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Honesty: We are committed to honesty and transparency in all of our dealings, both with our stakeholders and within our organization.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity, adhering to ethical principles and moral standards in all of our actions.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders.

By upholding these values, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders, and operate our organization in a manner that reflects our commitment to excellence and social responsibility.

Our License

Approved by the Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India)

Why Choose Us? - RMC

Approved by the Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India)
At RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY, we are dedicated to providing top-notch recruitment services to both employers and job seekers. Our team is comprised of experts who are highly skilled and committed to serving our customers with excellence.

We recognize the importance of building strong relationships between companies and job seekers, and we work hard to meet the needs of both parties. Our extensive clientele comes from various Gulf countries, such as UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, and others. We understand that to achieve success, we need to have a deep understanding of our clients’ vision and their business areas.

At RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY, we consider candidates (job seekers) to be as important as our clients. We act as a bridge between companies and candidates, ensuring that both parties find the right fit for their needs. We achieve our goals by focusing on the following areas:

  • Experienced and dynamic team: Our team consists of experienced, energetic, and hard-working individuals who work in collaboration with candidates and companies to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Industry knowledge: We have a thorough understanding of the industry for which we provide recruitment services.
  • Candidate shortlisting: With a robust screening process and a complete understanding of the client’s needs and values, RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY assesses candidates and provides them with a career path by matching the right candidate with the right job.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We understand that cost is an important factor for candidates seeking employment in the Gulf region. All our solutions at RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY are designed to keep clients, candidates, and our in-house team satisfied.
  • Transparency: We are a transparent company, and we maintain a complete transparency policy while dealing with our employers and job seekers. We are open about our policies and services, without any hidden agendas.

At RANA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY, we are committed to delivering exceptional recruitment services that meet the unique needs of our clients and job seekers.

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